undergraduate summer research fellowship

2019 Deadline: TBA

Download application here. (Note: you must also register through Havard CARAT in addition to completing this application)

how to apply

The Microbial Sciences Initiative invites fellowship applications from Harvard undergraduate students who are planning to carry out research during the summer break in the lab of an MSI faculty associate. Each summer MSI will typically award ten fellowships in the amount of $4000. The MSI Undergraduate Fellowship Program will correspond with PRISE program dates. Please see the application for a list of requirements for MSI's fellowship.

The first step in the application process is to contact an MSI faculty associate to assure acceptance into their laboratory during the summer. Please note that typically only one MSI undergraduate fellowship is awarded per lab. The application is to be completed by the students in close collaboration with their MSI faculty associate sponsor.

Applications must be sent electronically to Adnan Syed (aksyed@g.harvard.edu) by the application deadline. Note that you must also register through Harvard Common Application for Research and Travel (CARAT) in addition to completing this application. For your application to be complete, your MSI faculty sponsor must send an email to Adnan Syed which indicates support for the application and project and includes the name of a proposed lab mentor.

Students are also encouraged to apply to PRISE, and, if admitted, will obtain in addition to their support from PRISE $2,500 from MSI (application deadlines for PRISE and MSI are the same). Students are encouraged to apply for other sources of funding, and, if successful, will be eligible to receive supplemental funding from MSI, the amount of which is adjusted based on the level of support from the other fellowships.

We look forward to learning about your proposed research in the microbial sciences!