2018-2019 thursday evening seminars

Seminars are generally given by guest speakers from outside of Harvard and are followed by a wine and cheese reception.
Day and Time: The second Thursday of the month (during term), seminar from 4-5 PM, followed by reception
Location: 26 Oxford St., Cambridge, Harvard Center for the Environment (HUCE), room 440 (unless otherwise noted)

Date Speaker Title
9/13/18 Allyson Sgro (Boston University)
From individual amoebae to aggregates: connecting single-cell signaling to microbial collective behavior
10/11/18 Benjamin Wolfe (Tufts University)
Using fermented foods to dissect microbiome diversity
11/08/18 Kim Seed (UC Berkeley)
Recurring conflicts with a single predatory phage drive the evolution of Vibrio cholerae
1/24/19 Marvin Whiteley (Georgia Tech)
Biogeography of infection

Christina Agapakis (Ginkgo Bioworks)

This special public lecture is co-sponsored by the Harvard Museum of Natural History. It will be held at the Geological Lecture Hall at 24 Oxford Street, from 6-7 PM.

Designing living things
3/14/19 Mecky Pohlschroder (University of Pennsylvania)
Novel aspects of archaeal cell surface biogenesis and function


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