2015-2016 thursday evening seminars

Seminars are generally given by guest speakers from outside of Harvard and are preceded by a wine and cheese reception.
Day and Time: The second Thursday of the month (during term), reception: 5:30PM, seminar: 6:00PM
Location: Harvard Center for the Environment (HUCE) in Cambridge

Date Speaker Title Host
9/10/15 Mak Saito
(Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)
Examining strategies for confronting micronutrient scarcity in marine microbes using metalloproteomics Colleen Cavanaugh
10/8/15 Heidi Kong
(National Institutes of Health)
Biogeography of human skin microbiota in health and disease  Katherine Lemon
11/12/15 Paul Turner
(Yale University)
Environmental complexity and virus evolution Tom Bernhardt
1/21/16 Xiaowei Zhuang
(Harvard University)
Illuminating biology at the nanoscale with single-molecule and super-resolution imaging Ethan Garner
2/11/16 David Mills
(University of California - Davis) 
Appreciating wine and the microbes that make it

Special Circumstances Apply (location, tickets, etc.)

Roberto Kolter
3/10/16 Frank Stewart
(Georgia Institute of Technology)
Microbiology of the anoxic pelagic ocean: Emerging insights from contemporary oxygen minimum zones Colleen Cavanaugh


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