2016-2017 friday chalk-talk breakfasts

Informal presentations by members of the MSI community that promote debate and discussion. Coffee and pastries will be served.
Day and Time: Fridays (during term), 8:30AM-9:30AM (not held on Fridays following an MSI Thursday evening seminar)
Location: 24 Oxford St., 3rd floor, room 310, Cambridge (unless otherwise noted)

Date Presenter Title Host
9/9/16 Dan Schrag
(FAS-EPS, Professor)
The role of microbial ecology in the evolution of atmospheric oxygen
Rich Losick

Bin He
(FAS-MCB, Postdoctoral Fellow in E. O'Shea's Lab)

Evolution of phosphate starvation response regulation in commensal yeast Alex Nguyen
9/23/16 Joanna Aizenberg
(SEAS, Professor)
Microbes on slippery surfaces: Can they attach? David Clarke
9/30/16 Sloan Devlin
(HMS-BCMP, Assistant Professor)
Studying the human microbiome using chemistry Jon Clardy
10/7/16 Ann Hochschild
(HMS-MBIB, Professor)
Do bacteria have prions? Laurence Rahme
10/21/16 Lori Shapiro
(HMS-MBIB, Postdoctoral Fellow in R. Kolter's Lab)
Anthropological change as a driver of pathogen emergence Roberto Kolter
10/28/16 Joey Pakes Nelson (FAS-OEB, Postdoctoral Fellow in C. Cavanaugh's Lab)
Anchialine cave microbiomes: The search for intraterrestrial life Colleen Cavanaugh
11/4/16 Michael Starnbach
(HMS-MBIB, Professor)
What is chronic infection? Jon Clardy
1/27/17 Sarah Fortune
(HSPH-IID, Professor)
Dissecting diversity: Developing tools to probe bacterial biology at a single cell level Michael Gilmore

Steve Lory
(HMS-MBIB, Professor)

The news from the RNA world Jon Beckwith
2/17/17 L Mahadevan
(FAS-OEB, Professor)
Some physical aspects of bacterial swarms, and biofilms David Nelson
2/24/17 Silvio Brugger
(Forsyth Institute, Postdoctoral Fellow in K. Lemon's Lab)
Real hope or more hype? Dolosigranulum pigrum's beneficial role in healthy upper respiratory tract microbiota Katherine Lemon
3/3/17 Doug Kwon
(HMS-Medicine, Assistant Professor)
The role of the microbiome in HIV acquisition and disease progression Victoria D'Souza
**In Room 440**
Brent Cezairliyan
(HMS-Genetics, Postdoctoral Fellow in F. Ausubelís Lab)
Regulation of secreted enzyme production during bacterial growth Fred Ausubel
**In Room 440**
Robert Brucker
(Rowland Institute, Rowland Junior Fellow)
Experimental evolution with pesticides on host-microbiome phenotypes Emily Balskus
**In Room 429**
Scott Chimileski
(HMS-MBIB, Postdoctoral Fellow in R. Kolter's Lab)
What is a microbe? Roberto Kolter
**In Room 440**
Final Breakfast NA Colleen Cavanaugh and Roberto Kolter

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