2018-2019 friday chalk-talk breakfasts

Informal presentations by members of the MSI community that promote debate and discussion. Coffee and pastries will be served.
Day and Time: Fridays (during term), 8:30AM-9:30AM (not held on Fridays following an MSI Thursday evening seminar)
Location: 24 Oxford St., 3rd floor, Museum building classroom 375 (formerly Room 310), Cambridge

Date Presenter Title
9/7/18 Jack Szostak
(MGH, Professor)
Surprises and puzzles in the origin of life
9/21/18 Nick Lyons
(HMS-MBIB, Postdoctoral Fellow in R. Kolter's Lab)
So you’re a multicellular microbe …
9/28/18 Katja Taute
(Rowland Fellow)
How to build a swimming bug? Lessons from the natural diversity in flagellar architectures
10/05/18 Andrea Giometto
(Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Physics)
Growth-induced forces reduce the power of natural selection in growing yeast colonies
10/19/18 Abhishek Shrivastava (FAS-MCB, Postdoctoral Fellow in H. Berg Lab)
Designing a bacterial Uber
10/26/18 Ivana Cvijovic
(Graduate Student in Systems Biology)
Evolutionary dynamics in rapidly adapting populations
11/02/18 David Riglar
(HMS-Systems Biology, Postdoctoral Fellow in P. Silver's Lab)
Synthetic biology and the gut microbiota: insights into bacterial colonization, expression control, and the future potential for engineered bacteria in the clinic
11/16/18 Monica McCallum
(FAS-CCB, Postdoctoral Fellow in E. Balskus's Lab)
Searching for the origin of a nitrogen-nitrogen bond in a Streptomyces natural product
11/30/18 Jon Clardy
(HMS-BCMP, Professor)
A chemist looks at the microbiome
02/01/19 Colleen Cavanaugh and Roberto Kolter
(FAS-OEB, Professor and HMS-Microbiology, Professor Emeritus)
Fifteen years of MSI: Mano a mano before the handover
02/08/19 Murray Tipping
(FAS-MCB, Research Associate in the Gibbs Lab)
How can bacteria control access to cooperative behavior?
02/22/19 Wenyuan Shi
(Chief Executive Officer and Chief Scientific Officer at the Forsyth Institute)
War and peace within microbiome communities
03/01/19 Laurie Comstock
(Associate Microbiologist, Brigham and Women's and Associate Professor, HMS)
The who, what and why of antibacterial toxin production by the gut Bacteroides

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