2017-2018 friday chalk-talk breakfasts

Informal presentations by members of the MSI community that promote debate and discussion. Coffee and pastries will be served.
Day and Time: Fridays (during term), 8:30AM-9:30AM (not held on Fridays following an MSI Thursday evening seminar)
Location: 24 Oxford St., 3rd floor, Museum building classroom 375 (formerly Room 310), Cambridge

Date Presenter Title
9/8/17 Roberto Kolter
(HMS-MBIB, Professor)
Reflections on a piece of chalk
9/22/17 Elise Wilkes
(FAS-EPS, Postdoctoral Fellow in Ann Pearson's Lab)
Investigating carbon isotope fractionation in algae
9/29/17 Katherine Lemon
(Forsyth Institute)
Nose picking for progress: mining the nasal microbiome for new insights
10/06/17 Michael Gilmore
(Harvard- HMS)
Straight outta Tethys - early events made enterococci tough, setting the stage for them to become leading antibiotic resistant hospital pathogens
10/20/17 Kathrin Näpflin
(FAS-OEB, Postdoctoral Fellow in Scott Edwards Lab)
Interactions between phage, bacteria and avian hosts through the lens of natural CRISPR-Cas variation.
10/27/17 Kwangmin Son
(Co-founder and CEO of PhAST)
FROM ecology of marine microbes TO a biotech startup combating antibiotic resistance
11/03/17 Gleb Pishchany
(HMS-MBIB, Postdoctoral Fellow in Roberto Kolter's Lab)
On the ecological function of antibiotics
11/17/17 Aspen Reese
(FAS-HEB, Rachel Carmody Lab)
Gut microbiome effects on ecology and evolution
12/01/17 Matthew Henke
(HMS-BCMP, Postdoctoral Fellow in J. Clardy’s lab)
Discovery of an immunomodulator from a gut microbe associated with Crohn's Disease
1/26/18 Karine Gibbs
Dissecting social behaviors and population migration of the shape-shifting bacterium, Proteus mirabilis
2/02/18 Niels Bradshaw
(FAS-MCB, Postdoctoral Fellow in R. Losick’s lab)
Do regulatory platforms drive evolutionary innovation?
2/09/18 Emily Balskus
Discovering, understanding, and harnessing gut microbiome-drug interactions
2/23/18 Dave Johnston
From mud to mountains - microbes as the storytellers of Earth history
3/02/18 Anne Madden
(Postdoctoral Fellow in R. Dunn's lab)
Wasp yeast beer: microbial wrangling with insects for industrially relevant yeasts
3/23/18 Hanon McShea
Ancient adaptative events in aerobic bacterial nitrogen Fixation
3/30/18 Kat Coyte
Ecological theory and the gut microbiome
4/06/18 Alex Bisson
(FAS-Postdoctoral Fellow in E. Garner lab)
Cell organization and shape in archaea
4/20/18 Colleen Cavanaugh

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