2015-2016 friday chalk-talk breakfasts

Informal presentations by members of the MSI community that promote debate and discussion. Coffee and pastries will be served.
Day and Time: Fridays (during term), 8:30AM-9:30AM (not held on Fridays following an MSI Thursday evening seminar)
Location: Harvard Center for the Environment (HUCE) in Cambridge (unless otherwise noted)

Date Presenter Title Host
9/4/15 John Mekalanos
(HMS-MIB, Professor)
Type VI secretion: Who's killing or protecting who?
Colleen Cavanaugh

Ariel Amir
(SEAS, Assistant Professor)

Simultaneous regulation of cell size and chromosome replication in bacteria Michael Brenner
9/25/15 Melissa Martin
(HMS-Ophthalmology, Postdoctoral Fellow in M. Gilmore’s lab)
Identification of genes that determine sensitivity to antibiotics in Staphylococcus aureus Michael Gilmore
10/2/15 Cammie Lesser
(HMS-Medicine, Associate Professor)
Bacterial protein delivery systems: From agents of pathogenesis to vectors for novel therapeutics Steve Lory
10/16/15 Michael McDonald
(FAS-OEB, Postdoctoral Fellow in M. Desai’s lab)
How general are the lessons learned from evolution experiments in yeast? Michael Desai
10/23/15 Tom Rapoport
(HMS-Cell Bio, Professor)
Mechanism of ER-associated protein degradation Vlad Denic
10/30/15 Ann Pearson
(FAS-EPS, Professor)
What is a microbial trophic level? Dan Schrag
11/6/2015 Siddarth Srinivasan
(SEAS, Postdoctoral Fellow in L. Mahadevan’s and S. Rubinstein’s labs)
What governs the bio-mechanical spreading of Bacillus subtilis biofilms Shmuel Rubinstein
1/29/16 Andrew Murray
(FAS-MCB, Professor)
Can experimental evolution reveal anything about evolution outside the lab? Colleen Cavanaugh

Francesca Cagnacci
(FAS-OEB, Hrdy Fellow)

Linking microbiomes to animal movement and foraging: A case study in roe deer Colleen Cavanaugh
2/19/16 Max Essex
(HSPH-IID, Professor)
HIV/AIDS in Africa: Viral genetic linkage to monitor treatment as prevention Victoria D'Souza
2/26/16 Oleg Dmytrenko
(FAS-OEB, PhD Candidate in C. Cavanaugh’s lab)
Calvin cycle 2.0 Colleen Cavanaugh
3/4/16 Laurance Rahme
(HMS-MIB, Professor)
The politics of bacterial quorum sensing signaling: Small messengers with influential messages Fred Ausubel
3/25/16 Cassandra Extavour
(FAS-OEB, Professor)
An animal biologist attempts microbiology: What I learned about multicellularity from Pseudomonas Colleen Cavanaugh
4/1/16 Nancy Kleckner
(FAS-MCB, Professor)
Bacterial chromosome dynamics Rich Losick
4/8/16 Matthew Ramsey
(Forsyth Institute, Postdoctoral Fellow in K. Lemon’s lab)
Commensal Corynebacterium species quench Staphylococcus aureus quorum signaling Katherine Lemon
4/22/16 Final Breakfast NA Colleen Cavanaugh and Roberto Kolter

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